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Advanced Imaging

We believe that advanced imaging has a place in modern foot care.  When appropriate, we  use diagnostic ultrasound in the comfort and convenience of our office.  That means no long waits at the hospital imaging center (as well as the high cost associated with this) and since ultrasound does not use any radiation; you don’t get needlessly exposed.  Our ultrasound systems can image various foot problems as well as assess for circulation conditions.  Also, of course, we have traditional X-ray imaging in the office.  Our X-ray systems use high sensitivity techniques to reduce exposure to less than a standard dental exam.

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Care of Injuries

Did you know that we care for fractures, sprains, strains, cuts, and injuries caused by stepping on objects right in the convenience of our office?  Same exam, diagnosis and care as you’d get at the hospital.  Same cast, splint, braces and dressings as the hospital, but at a fraction of the cost!  We also do all the follow-up care.

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Ingrown Toenail Correction

The goal of treating an ingrown nail is to alleviate a patient's suffering by altering the growth, shape or position of the toenail.  In over 30 years of podiatric practice, I have easily performed this in-office nail correction hundreds to thousands of times.  The vast majority of these corrections involve fixing one or both sides of the affected nail plate.  Occasionally, this correction may also be peformed to eliminate a problem with the entire nail plate.  The skin is usually not cut and sutures are not necessary.  Our success rate easily exceeds 95%!

Everyday Conditions of the Toes, Feet and Ankles

We care for many common problems that people have every day with their feet.  From hammertoes and bunions, to arch and heel pain, to nerve problems and neuromas, soft tissue growths and cysts, and a variety of skin conditions (like malodorous/excessive sweating, eczema, warts, and athletes foot).

We even diagnose, and treat, some not-so-common conditions like skin cancer and diabetic neuropathy.

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Shoe Inserts &
Therapeutic Diabetic Shoes

Many foot problems don’t need surgical correction.  As a result of any number of concurrent health problem, some folks just can’t have corrective procedures done.  That does not mean that all hope is lost!  We can provide our patients with supportive braces, corrective arch supports, custom fitted shoes, customized orthotic shoe inserts, and can even provide our diabetic patients with protective therapeutic diabetic approved shoes.

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Hygienic and Palliative Procedures

Surgery is not the answer to all conditions. Many foot problems don’t need surgical correction.  They simply need to be made to "feel better".  Accordingly, we regularly trim corns, calluses, and deformed toenails.  Padding and taping procedures can take away pressure points to make wearing shoes and walking comfortable again.

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