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At first glance, it may seem nonsensical to attempt a temporary nail procedure.  After all, why would anyone wish to temporarily fix a painful deforming nail condition when you could do it on a long term to permanent basis?  

However, if the ingrown nail was caused by a one-time trauma, by cutting the nail improperly or by some other one-time event, it may be quite reasonable to address the acute problem temporarily in such a way that once the tissues heal, the problem may not be likely to return.  

On the other hand, if the condition is long standing or has come back on multiple occasions, or is the result of an observed “deformity”, then a long term correction is warranted.


A PARTIAL NAIL EXCISION WITH MATRIX (nail root) REMOVAL is performed almost exclusively, in an office based setting. We don't do anything until you and Dr. Pinsky agree what needs to be done and where. Then a local anesthetic is applied around the base of the toe - NOT anywhere near the actual ingrown nail!  In 5-7 minutes the sensitive nerve endings are fast asleep and will remain so for between 1-6 hours. Once the toe is asleep (Dr Pinsky ALWAYS checks first), the offending nail margin is painlessly removed. The limited portion of the toenail root, which produced this troublesome margin, is painlessly inactivated with natural chemicals. The nail margin wound is covered with an antiseptic dressing.  No sutures are needed; no sutures are put in; no sutures have to be removed! Once the procedure is done and dressed, we go over all of the details on how you are to take care of your toe daily while it is healing. You go home and spend only a few short hours with your foot elevated to a horizontal position. The doctor may recommend taking an over-the-counter or prescription pain reliever should you experience any postoperative discomfort.  Depending on your age, health, circulation and other factors, the wound is usually, sufficiently healed in 2-4 weeks.  The rest of your toenail continues to grow normally with its new clean straight nail margins!  The entire procedure takes less than half an hour.

TOTAL NAIL EXCISION WITH MATRIX REMOVAL is also performed in the office to completely eliminate a problem, ingrown or deformed entire nail plate.  Again, the skin is not cut and sutures are not needed.

GRANULOMA EXCISION This procedure aims at removing the portion of skin that often grows up and over the ingrown nail plate.  This abnormal growth of skin is known as a Granuloma or “Proudflesh”, and usually appears red, meaty angry-looking and often is accompanied by drainage or blood.   While a granuloma excision may performed as an isolated procedure, it is frequently performed along with a more long term/permanent corrective nail procedure.  


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